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Gamification for business

A new game format of communication with your target audience to increase conversion and customer loyalty

CTR up to 5x
CPC decreases accordingly
Engagement up to 10-15 min



Where is my watermelon?


Object Catcher

Berry boom

Object Catcher


Cleaning with Procter & Gamble


Hidden Objects

Christmas is coming

Hidden Objects


Toad the traveler


Wheel of Fortune

Penguin Fortune Teller

Wheel of Fortune

Complete the sentence

The Harvest

Complete the sentence


Father's Day



Valentine's Day


Coloring book

Christmas penguins

Coloring book

Advent Calendar

International Women's Day

Advent Calendar

The Labyrinth

Mission: Christmas Party

The Labyrinth

Why would a brand need gamification?

Game projects solve at least three marketing problems:

  • Attracting new users +24,9%

    Game elements involve the user in communication with the brand. Moreover, games have a high virality: after completing the game, the user is happy to share his result in social networks and simultaneously tell his subscribers about the interesting onlinet activity.

    Attracting new users
  • Retaining current users +28,5%

    The game requires the user’s attention and engagement, so already engaged «players» stay on the site longer and perceive the branded content better.

    Attracting new users
  • Monetization +11,3%

    Monetization is the result of attracting and retaining attention. Time = money, and revenue grows by increasing the time the user spends on the site. For those 5-7 minutes while a potential client is on the company’s site, he will see more interesting offers from the brand. This means an increased likelihood of conversion from visitor to buyer.

*According to our experience, of course :)

Why Playmar.io is your best choice

  • 1


    We know what you may encounter in the process and know how to solve any problems. We also have over 10 years of expertise in user acquisition and retention. More than 30 games have been created!

  • 2


    We only release the product we are proud of. We also focus on solving business objectives.

  • 3

    The Budget

    We can help you save your budget: customizing pre-made game-mechanics requires less time, which means it costs less.

  • 4

    Our Team

    We will be with you 24/7, responsive to your requests as we work on the game and will not leave you after release.
    We’ll help you gather statistics and analyze the results.

  • 5


    Speed We are fast and attentive, responding promptly to comments, ideas and requests, we are always in touch and answer within 10-15 min We will prepare the game in the shortest time possible.
    From brief to release in 2 weeks!

  • 6

    Coming soon

    Where will be collected such featuresas analytics, attracted leads, leaderboard participants, etc.

You said it, we did it 

Retaining current users

Clients who have already made a successful gamification with us

Christmas is coming
Mission: Christmas Dinner
IQOS Johnson&Johnson Guerlain Dior Takeda Bonduelle Reckitt Philip Morris destream LF BAT P&G IQOS Johnson&Johnson Guerlain Dior Takeda Bonduelle Reckitt Philip Morris destream LF BAT P&G
Aleksandr Aleksandrov

Aleksandr Aleksandrov,

CEO, co-founder

Evgenii Kuznetsov

Evgenii Kuznetsov,

CPO / CMO, co-founder

Mikhail Dadov

Mikhail Dadov,

Retention and CRM expert, co-founder

Yuliya Musina

Yuliya Musina, Game Expert

What you should know about the Playmar.io Team

  • We create new gamification Or adapt ready-to-use solutions to your needs
  • Connecting communication channels to reach the customer: email, website, chatbot, push
  • Helping to attract new users or retain existing ones
  • And just creating awesome games for you ✌️

Answer a couple of questions and find out which game-mechanics are the best for your needs

1. When do you plan to launch the game?

In one month
  • In one month
  • In three month
  • In six month

2. Your estimated budget

Less than 5000 dollars
  • Less than 5000 dollars
  • Less than 6000 dollars
  • More than 6000 dollars

Creating gaming campaign

1. What do you think the game will do for you and your customers?


Now tell us a little bit about yourself :)

Thank you!

We will see each other very soon and together we will develop the game of your dreams ❤️️